Nina Flaaseth (43) is currently living in Hamar- Norway, but has grown all the way to a small farm in Løten on Hedemark. Here you could smell the cows, hear the sound of the tractor, and look at the sight of fields and meadows - so you can say that it is not surprising that the approach to the country's soul came in childhood.

Nina started with accordions,both diatonic and regular accordion, and keys in her childhood, and this has followed her since. She has always been fond of singing, but only in adulthood it became a reality to act as a vocalist and she has heard many praise words for her distinctive and comfortable voice. It was soon clear which genre was closest to her heart. She often sat in the children and adolescents with the cassette player, and listened and sang to country music - an genre who has followed her for years.

Since Nina chose the choir and accordion in her childhood, she started playing old-fashioned, with different groupings before starting band-music to play dance music, and it's only in the last 15 years that focus on pure became a reality and as she has a great love and passion for. She has extensive experience in several genres, and has played for dance, and concerts, at a lot of festivals and many other small and major scenes at home and abroad for a number of years.

Before Nina introduced herself as soloist in 2016, she also had the pleasure of performing with several international artists.

Participations in the competition context, both NM and DM with very good placements (see # in DM), and in 2010 her country band participated at the SjøormCountry - Countryfestival in Seljord where it became a great 2#nd place!

Nina now travels on big and small scenes at home and abroad with her own country band, to the praise of organizers and audiences.

Nina is a country vocalist / artist who has noted herself very positively for the public and organizers lately, when in 2016 she appeared as soloist, after years on her way with her countryband!

"Fantastic! "," This is quality and authentic! "," Warm, sensitive and distinctive voice, really great! " These are few of many words called this artist, which is reflected in the fact that she has already been well-known in Norway, Europe and the United States.

Her Living On album was released digitally on 21st of February 2016, and already 1 week after releasing the song Calling All Heroes went on a top 40 single list, has since been played on countless radio for listeners worldwide. And the feedback has exclusively been incredibly positive! The entire album "Living On" was featured on 02.april 2016, where two recordings were also held the same day with crowded houses!

Awards, charts and more....

All songs are now played on countless radio stations around the world (Usa, Europe, Australia ....) and Nina has soon taken many people's interest with their credible songs, mediocrity and their distinctive soft voice! May mention besides singular locations in Usa that the Living On album has also been several weeks on the Joyce Ramgattie Billboard Chart list Top200 in Europe.

October-16, Nina was in Germany and participated in both the concert , and she also was one of the price divides under the German Country Music Award and German Country Nale.

One of her songs Walk In Your Shoes(C.Coffey) has also been like # 1 for countless weeks and constantly in top # 3 for 9 months (sept 2018 ) in stretch at the BlackDog Morning Show, in Georgia - USA, and is still in sept-18 No. #1 on the list.

Nina is also nominated @ The Josie Music Award2018 - Tennessee / Usa, in three categories;

This year's best song (Walk In Your Shoes)

This year's best female artist-

This year's entertainer in the class traditional country.

The award ceremony was held @ Dollywood, - Nashville, TN, and is the biggest worldwide award for independent artists.

She also won the Akademia Award - Los Angeles for "song of the month" august 2018 with Walk In Your Shoes.

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